Here is a race recap of my third Olympic distance triathlon at Mooloolaba this weekend. Since the start of the year, I’ve been trying to get myself back into triathlon mode, swearing (mostly) off alcohol since January 1 and attempting to devote more time to training.

Mooloolaba Beach at dawn

Still, the results had been somewhat up and down, with work conspiring to keep me extremely busy recently. I had been losing weight reasonably consistently and seeing my 5km parkrun times coming down each week. But last week, I narrowly avoided hospitalisation due to probably the worst gastro I’ve ever experienced.

I had rocked…

First big ride of the training block — Hilly ride to Moggill and back with these kebabs.

Some know, but if you’d don’t, I’m now a little over four weeks into my first Ironman campaign. It’s been somewhat trying with a few obstacles thrown my way, but I think it has been mostly successful. I started the block by slowing recovering from gastro, meaning I lost a week of training, but I don’t think it’s impacted that much.

Why Ironman?

Ironman is a big commitment. For those not in the know, the race itself is gruelling. 3.8km swim followed by 180km on the bike and then a full marathon, 42.2km of running! …

This is a very quick recap of my first triathlon in 2018 and a quick consideration of what I want to do in 2019.

First up Kingy Tri.

· This was my sixth Kingy Tri, all done at sprint distance. Love the Kingy tri

· Signed my co-worker Pat up for his first tri, then we both proceeded to do no training!

· Well, I did a bit — just not much. A bit of running, bit of swimming and odd bit of riding. Nothing too serious though.

· Went down with Sarah, Warren, Nikki, Pat and Claire.

· I…

Ok, here goes a head-inflating session, of sorts. Well, it’s more of an accountability journal that I’ve decided to share publicly so that the historians of the future can understand how bad at triahtlon I am!

My first Noosa Triathlon 2018 training diary and reflection was actually meant to start over a fortnight ago. I’d gathered notes, was actively tracking training, going to the pool each day, but somewhere along the way, I just went off the training rails.

Suddenly I needed sleep, motivation had melted away, missing sessions. While there is a chance that I’ve actually been a slight…

I’m literally dead on my feet right now. My quads are still burning 24 hours later, and I feel like I could drink Wivenhoe Dam dry. Probably shouldn’t have had all those tins of lager after I finished the last day of the three-day Velothon on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend.

For those not yet initiated, the Velothon is a boutique cycling event that that offers a three-day 361 km course (with 5,340 metres of climbing) over three stages as well as a 1 day 152/90km version that runs concurrently on the last day of the three-day event.


So Warren and I had been planning a bit of a ride for a while now, all in the aid of helping me train for Velothon. Originally, we had planned to do a Mt Mee/Campbell’s Pocket road ride, but then Warren saw an event advertised by Audax Queensland Dirty Boonah for the same weekend as we had planned, and we quickly switched plans in order to do something a bit more interesting.

Dirty Boonah had three distances: 50 / 100 / 150 KM. Of course, I was like “Let’s just sign up for the maximum distance”. …

Australia’s International student numbers are in the news again and recent data releases from the Department of Education (“DET”) and the Department of Home Affairs (“DHA”) have generated a flurry of media attention over the past fortnight.

Curiously, there are a number of recently published articles examining Chinese visa grant rates, declaring that demand has flat lined or that demand is under threat. Various commentators have then linked this trend to recent issues in Australian-Chinese relations that have been playing out in the media over the past year.

The claims around visa grant data did strike me as strange. When…

Back in 2010, I interned at the United Nations for three months. This experience still creates opportunity today.

Working at the chief institution for peace and internationalism is an oft-quoted goal of many young idealistic people. A part time idealist myself, I got to experience the reality of this, albeit on a smaller scale than say Kofi Annan.

About seven years ago now while I was studying my Master of International Studies, I journeyed from Brisbane Australia to New York City to take up an intern sport at United Nations (“UN”) headquarters. …

Sunny Coast 70.3 was my second long distance triathlon of the year, and I was hoping for a much better performance than the last one, the disaster that was Tweed Coast Enduro 2017.

Coming into August, all my training had been going swimmingly. I had built up a good base of kilometres in both running and cycling and my swim times were gradually coming down thanks to some solid club sessions with Trent Grimsey. I had also begun to take some good steps forward in getting the diet sorted out.

But then about half way through August I got hit…

After years of dedicated Strava love (which I still love actually), I’ve been having an gorgeous affair with Joe Friel’s daughter — Training Peaks, and I think I’m falling in love.

But I do have an irrational hatred of acronyms, and Training Peaks, for all its value is also a level of acronym hell that is probably mentioned somewhere in the back pages of Dante’s Inferno.

New Training Peaks user trying to figure out how to use Training Peaks metrics.

** Note that the following relates to the premium version of Training Peaks, which I currently have. I’m unsure whats available in the free version **

What follows is my own reference guide to…

Darragh Murray

Irish-Australian analytics guy working in international higher ed, former UN intern, radio for @4ZZZ, #cycling, #triathlon and #arsenalfc tragic

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